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May 21 2018

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don’t get me wrong I want sex and I want your body on mine and I want to make you moan but more than that I just wanna fall asleep with your arms around me and your hand in mine and not a care in the world

May 19 2018


“Saying nothing… sometimes says the most.”

— Coldplay // True Love


I wonder

if you smile at my texts like

I smile at yours.

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i’m addicted to seeing you happy

May 18 2018

April 04 2018

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March 27 2018


sometimes I get so jealous of other people’s social skills. like damn. they can talk to people?? and people like them?? look at all those people who like them. wtf. illegal

March 25 2018

my lips ft yours


i hate that i’m so absent as a person. i don’t start conversations. i can barely maintain them. i’m so weary and spaced out all the time to the point where i can’t even keep up small talk and i’m just so disappointed in myself

March 17 2018


“don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl” is probably the best and most horribly honest thing Matt Healy has ever said 

March 01 2018


when your tc doesn’t rip ur clothes off when you’re alone together






im so ready to be in a relationship so whenever the universe is ready hmu with a keeper

i posted this yesterday then today this cute boy held my hand and now he is sending me memes

Reblog for love

i reblogged this yesterday and my crush kissed me today



send me a ☕️ and an opinion (popular or unpopular) and i’ll say whether i agree or disagree

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